Quiet your mind…


Here in Kentucky, rumors of storms have not touched our skies yet, and this day brought me a sunny evening, so I took a long walk by paths not visited in months. I only meant to take some pics of this beautiful world to share with you, when I decided to pick flowers and weeds and grasses. My daughters miss the mom who made wildflower wreaths to grace our walls, since money (tight times back then) kept me away from stores.


I walked in the north fields, and decided to wade into the deep grasses and find flowers. It’s time to make wreaths. My hands can work while my mind grows quiet.


Do you find your mind falling silent when your hands are occupied? Playing the guitar, painting, making models, anything like this causes our cares and problems to fade away. Most of the time. I remember living in the city,  in a tiny studio apartment that brought so much constant noise into my days and nights, that I thought I might never again find a slice of peace. We all need that. Quiet. With a sliver of peace.


Maybe a pair of headphones and music helps. Earplugs work too, in a pinch. But a night where you can open a window and welcome the sounds of crickets or thunder, far from the fires and hurricanes in our lives, both literally and figuratively, is essential, don’t you think? Silence doesn’t occur even way out in the country. We have coyotes and dogs, howling at each other, and the insects seem to be winning, because they are loudest. But it is quiet.


I love the way the British say quiet. It feels more active, as though it were a pursuit of sorts. Quieten your mind. See? We find beauty in our worlds when we quieten ourselves and let ourselves reset. The quiet might feel uncomfortable at first, especially if we’re running away from something… bad relationships, bad habits, our past and worry for our future all bring noise. We keep that music on, the t.v. playing and fill our calendars. And it works for a while. Until it doesn’t.


Do you see that light pole right in the middle of our fields? While I heard a deer huffing in protest at my appearance in his field today, I wondered about the family who lived here so long ago. Their home and barns are reduced to small piles of wood and tin, and the well has many rocks piled on top of it, but this lifeline to the electric grid still stands in a field where farmers cut the hay. This is where I quietly searched for the right plants and weeds to pull together. I like knowing others came before me, and I wonder what they were like. Who walked this land seventy years ago?


I wish I could bring you with me to this place. No highways. No bright lights. Even a video game would be difficult to play since our internet (yes, KY does have that) is rather slow. Wait, we do have a very tiny store that sells flour, potato chips, ice cream and candy, but it closes early. I hope you look at these pictures and feel your body lighten and relax. Maybe you live in a very remote place. I wonder if you could give lessons on quieting ourselves. No t.v. No yoga class. No movie and nope, not even a book. Just sit and listen to you.


Can you find the beauty in the quiet? Not silence. But quiet. I hope you find it in your day. If a clover or green acorn looks lovely, think of what you can find. And one more thing.  Today can you quieten your mind before your day or at the end when sleep calls? Quiet, in the right doses, is so very good.


Up next is solace rather than loneliness, which is everywhere and felt by most of us. So, until next time….


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